Students Have a Voice in the SAC



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Hannah Cupp, Co-Editor

The Student Advisory Committee is a group of students making changes in Gloucester High School. Hannah Hoffman, a member of the Student Advisory Committee states, “We bring up issues that we feel are prominent in the school and we have, usually our president [Kaylyn Stukes] visit school board meetings to address the issue and find possible solutions.” 

In addition, The Student Advisory Committee unites students to give them a louder voice. Students work together to face problems in school and fix them in any way they can. Hoffman adds, “It is important for schools to have a Student Advisory Committee because it gives students the opportunity to have a say in what the school is doing and what they can improve upon so that everyone gets a say.” The Student Advisory Committee is responsible for “longer passing periods and better advertising on specialty and CTE classes” according to Hoffman. The committee makes students feel heard and allows for actual solutions to come out of an issue. Any student can go to a member of the SAC and give them feedback or insight on what kinds of problems they see in our school and the committee will think of possible solutions that would benefit everyone involved. 

The Student Advisory Committee allows students to petition for what they believe in, whether it be longer passing periods or bringing back the snack line. Students should feel empowered to make a change when they believe that it is necessary, and the SAC allows them to do so.