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MatPat Retiring?

What’s Actually Happening

As most of us unfortunately know, beloved YouTuber MatPat is stepping back from creating theories. Many say that he is retiring, but this is actually false, as retiring would mean he would have no association with the channels anymore. In reality, MatPat is simply stepping back so he has more time for his wife and kids.

MatPat posted his goodbye video on January 9th, stating that “on March 9th, [he] will be hosting [his] last theory episode” and “will be handing off [his] channels to someone else.” This is very upsetting news for both us, as viewers, and for MatPat. He says that the channel had been going on for 13 years and that it was a literal third of his life.

The reason he gives for why he is doing this is because Tom Scott recently released his goodbye video, and his reasons were similar to Tom’s.

The people that MatPat is giving the channels to are four of his friends, one friend for each channel, as he does not wish his work schedule upon anyone. Lee will be taking over Film Theory, Amy is taking over Style Theory, Santi is taking Food Theory, and Tom is taking over the main channel, Game Theory. MatPat states that “they’ve been spearheading the creative of the channels for the better part of the last year.”

MatPat will still be a part of the channels, brainstorming ideas for new episodes and helping with the scripts. He mentions his LoFi ARG, “LoreFi,” as he calls it. He will be back in April for a fashion show on Style Theory. To put it simply, he has many plans that he has not been able to complete due to his schedule with the four channels.

MatPat states that he has gone from being like our brother to a father figure to a grandparent that you see every so often each year through the span of these thirteen years.

MatPat ends the video by saying something that would bring a tear to anyone’s eyes. He says to us, as the viewers, that “you’re not just numbers. You’re not just ad impressions. You’re not just merch sales.” Retirement would mean that he would not be involved with any of the channels anymore. Where in reality, he is stepping back to let the new generation have a chance to share their theories and ideas, and so he has the time to spend with his family.

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Leo Atwell
Leo Atwell, Staff Reporter
My name is Leo Atwell, I am 14 and a freshman taking journalism for the first time. My plans after high school are for me to go to college for at least two years upon my parents' request and to move to Canada. I used to live in Newport News before moving to Gloucester right at the end of my 2nd grade year. I’m taking this class as a way to make my writing better and more descriptive. Being in the newspaper doesn’t mean as much to me as it’s just something I have to do as part of the class, although that won’t stop me from enjoying writing the articles. I hope to make a difference, if not in school than in the world, by sharing my own stories, I write in my free time and the edits I make for fun.

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