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Jenaye Oberlin

Jenaye Oberlin
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Jenaye Oberlin is one of Gloucester High School’s many successful freshmen. She is involved in a variety of activities, including tennis and volleyball, and she is currently running for a position in the SCA. Oberlin grew up in Middlesex before moving to Gloucester. Nadia Oberlin is her older sister’s name. Nadia, like her younger sister, is running for SCA. 

Oberlin is running for the position of sophomore class treasurer. The treasurer’s job is to create the annual budget for the school. Oberlin would track and report income and expenses for the school, as well as creating a system for all of these actions. This is Oberlin’s first time running for a position in the SCA! She states how the reason why she decided to achieve this role is because she’s passionate about making a change for this school. She enjoys the idea about being on a team and working with others to make positive changes for the school.

Over the years, Oberlin has developed a fondness for playing sports. The sports Oberlin plays are tennis and volleyball! During freshman year, she was on the JV team for volleyball. She started playing volleyball roughly around the beginning of freshman year as well. Oberlin recalls how she loves playing volleyball, and the experience with being on that team was amazing. It’s become an important part of her life and she practices during the off season as well to become even better! 

Tennis is another sport Oberlin enjoys playing. Before conditioning, she had never played before. Oberlin quickly learned how to play and she earned a spot on the girl’s varsity tennis team! Next year, she is planning on trying out for these sports again, hoping to become even better. With tennis, volleyball, and the responsibilities of being in SCA, it would be a lot of work. Oberlin does not believe it will be too difficult to manage, but she will have to work on her time management skills. Being in SCA requires attending meetings and paying attention to what is going on in the school. She is excited to be on all of the teams and work together with her peers! 

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