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New Years Resolution


As many as 80 percent of people don’t succeed in keeping their New Year’s resolutions; approximately only 9 percent succeed. There are many reasons why people have trouble keeping their resolutions. These reasons are that lots of people make their resolutions because it is a trend, but in reality, they don’t do it because they need to or feel the need to. Some people encounter obstacles and end up giving up because they are already “failing.” Some don’t make a goal plan, and in most cases, the goal is unachievable. Lastly, some don’t reflect on why they have chosen a certain resolution.

There are many things you can apply to your New Year’s resolutions to help you achieve them.

  • You want to make sure your goal is realistic.
  • Make sure it is something you are capable of completing. 
  • Make a plan for how you want to accomplish your goals.
  • Use reminders if you’re forgetful; 80% of people forget about their goals by January 12th.
  • Track your progress. 
  • Reward yourself when your goal is going according to plan or when you have completed your goal! 

Lastly, there are many benefits that come with making New Year’s resolutions. First off, it builds people’s confidence. Knowing you are working on and actively improving something makes people feel more capable of making more goals for themselves. It gives time for self-reflection. This is because when making a goal, you are thinking back on things you can change and/or do better on. Self-reflection goes along with self-improvement. Goals can also help you go out of your comfort zone. 

I definitely encourage making New Year’s resolutions. If you haven’t yet, it is not too late! If you feel you have already started to not get anywhere with your goal, that is okay! Goals are never a straight path to being able to accomplish them. 

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Elizabeth Underwood
My name is Elizabeth Underwood, I am 17 years old. This is not my first time taking Journalism.I chose to take Journalism again because I enjoy writing. I think it is fun to research differenttopics for the articles you write about. It is also a great way to build confidence when it comes tointerviewing others for your articles. I enjoy writing articles on things that can be more on apersonal level for others. For example, mental health struggles. I am excited to write articles thissemester and work on becoming a better writer.

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