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Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a real issue and keeps getting worse and worse. When drivers don’t have their full attention on the road, it can lead to bad consequences. Drivers all around are distracted by everything. Not all distractions are the same, they are texting, talking on the phone, messing with the radio, and even eating. No matter what kind of distraction, they can all lead to getting in an accident, and being injured or possibly injuring someone else. Driving is not worth your life. 


The most common distraction is loss of attention. When distracted your reaction time gets decreased, making less time for you to react. From personal experience, it’s very scary and can lead to injuries to yourself, and other objects involved. Allowing yourself to become distracted while behind the wheel is a big risk, and risk-takers also have to deal with the consequences. Over 3,000 people die a year due to being distracted while driving, and over 362,415 are injured, with a 12% increase from 2020. 


Another big distraction is road rage. Road rage can come in many different forms and can look different for everyone. If you’re worried about another vehicle, or the person inside because they made you upset, then who is focused on driving? There are over 1,800 injuries per year due to road rage, and the leading causes for it are driving too fast/slow, tailgating, distracted driving, improper lane change, and stupidity. 


           Another consequence of distracted driving is the potential damage it can cause to your, or others’ property. When drivers are not paying full attention, they may veer off the road, damage other vehicles, or hit stationary objects like guardrails or trees. These accidents can result in bad damage to vehicles, people, and personal property, I see it all the time. After you get in a wreck, your insurance rates will typically increase, now that you are a higher risk. It’s better to just stay focused instead of all this trouble.  


 To prevent the consequences of distracted driving, it’s important for drivers to practice safety and eliminate distractions while driving. If you can’t drive, stay off the road for your, and others’ safety. There are many distractions that catch your eye, but you have to be able to control your train of thought. This means avoiding the use of electronic devices and keeping both hands on the wheel, it might be tempting to just look at your phone for a second, but that second could cost you and your loved ones their life. Slow down and stay focused on the road.

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Tanner Nuttall
Tanner Nuttall, Staff Reporter
My name is Tanner and I'm 15. I'm currently a student that enrolled into journalism, andafter high school I would like to go and explore what's out there. I don't really have any plans sowe are going to figure it out. I live in Gloucester, VA and go to Gloucester high school. I am inthe second semester of this year, 2024. I took this class so I could expand my knowledge withinthe English writing process. I am excited to share my writing and my opinions.

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