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Why are people more productive on FaceTime

People are usually more productive when they’re on FaceTime. Honestly, I believe that it’s because people are on FaceTime with their friends. Most of the time, they are busy doing stuff, so it makes the other person on FaceTime more productive with them. People can clean their rooms on FaceTime, and then some people just do better when they aren’t on FaceTime with friends.


Usually, when I am on facetime I like to talk to the person when I am on facetime and then a few minutes after I get the urge to start cleaning for no apparent reason. Once me and that person are on Facetime for a few minutes I begin to clean my room or organize my dresser, or even organize all of my clothes. Moments after I start doing what I am doing, my friend starts to also clean as well. It’s unproven why people are more productive on Facetime than when they are on Facetime.


I somewhat believe that it may be because people are worried the person they are on FaceTime with would judge them for their room being messy or something minor, and maybe they feel like they need to clean. I personally don’t feel like that because sometimes cleaning and organizing can be actually fun. When I get into cleaning on Facetime, me, and that friend usually clean together and just talk about things, or we listen to music together and just clean things. Normally, I do sometimes clean, but I have the urge to do it even when I know I don’t have to, but I do it anyway. I have interviewed a friend that I like to Facetime and a friend that does not like Facetime as well. The first person is Abby Lassiter,  we really like facetime. I asked her why she starts cleaning on facetime when I start cleaning, and she said that she starts cleaning because it gives her the motivation to clean since I am cleaning with her on the other side of the phone. The second person I interviewed was a friend named Tanner Nuttall, I interviewed him because he hates being on facetime. I proceeded to ask him why he hates being on Facetime, and he said that he doesn’t like being on Facetime because it gets on his nerves, and he feels trapped when he’s on Facetime with people, and he just isn’t comfortable with it.


People always say how they don’t like being on Facetime or how they don’t like cleaning things. Well, everyone does both of those things when they Facetime a friend, and then they start cleaning because they are either bored or, for some odd reason, they just want to clean. Most people won’t do their chores until they get on Facetime and just want to get up and be productive, not even cleaning, just doing anything productive. People don’t have to like facetime to be on facetime with their loved ones, people facetime friends all the time and have the urge to clean and then they just start cleaning until it’s spotless wherever they are cleaning.


In conclusion, it isn’t proven that people are more productive on Facetime than they are any other time, but many people are just like that. There’s nothing wrong with that; it just shows that everybody has different ways of doing things. Many people do things in many different ways, and some of them include being productive on Facetime with your friends.

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Mallorie Coates
Mallorie Coates, Staff Reporter
My name is Mallorie Coates I'm 14 almost 15 years old. I live in Gloucester, VA and I am a competitive cheerleader. I'm a freshman at GHS. After high school I want to go to CNU and study nursing. I have one brother that's younger than me and in middle school.

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