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Importance of Electricity

Electricity is the most important discovery in my opinion. With electricity you have phones, lighting, and more. The man who discovered electricity was Benjamin Franklin, and he did it with a kite. It also saves peoples lives, like in hospitals and phones to call 911.


If you really think about it, people think they could live without electricity for a month. But they do not understand what really comes from electricity. Items like fridges, phones, and lighting need electricity to be used. For fridges, that is where most people get their drinks and food from, and it would all go bad in there without electricity to keep it cold. For phones it is so important to keep a phone close because if you get in a car crash in the middle of nowhere who would know. 


Parents think teenagers only want their phones because they can text their friends, crushes, and play games. But phones come with so much more, phones protect you and with your phone you can call for help. With lighting it would be dark everywhere and probably after about 7 you could not walk around your house with a torch or something. Electricity also helps with heating and cooling in your household, so depending on the climate you live in you might die without electricity.


With electricity a lot of jobs will be down, without it hospitals would not be able to work. For surgery you need medicine, x-ray machines, ECG, and some other processes and some others require light and without electricity it would not work. People would get kind of bored without electricity, many forms of entertainment come from it and kids do not like to read books anymore instead they would like to play games, call their friends, or watch some videos.


Public transportation is often used for the less fortunate, without electricity E-bikes, E-jeepneys, trains, and airplanes would not be able to be used. Most kitchen appliances require electricity to be used like electric stoves, rice cookers, bread toasters, and chillers. One other thing that is very important is that communication would barely ever happen, most of the people in the world communicate with phones, radios, and computers but you would not even be able to find out the weather easily. 


With all of these reasons I have listed and talked about I do think electricity is the most important discovery. I do not think the world would be able to evolve without it. I have interviewed multiple people and asked what form of electricity they use most and 11/14 said they used light the most.

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About the Contributor
Allison Renison
Allison Renison, Staff Reporter
My name is Allison and I’m 14 turning 15 in july. My plans after high schoolare to go to college and be an ultrasound nurse. I’m in high school and livein gloucester. This is my first year here, second semester, and also my firsttime taking journalism. I took this class because I think I’m a very goodwriter and an even better thinker. I have a lot of ideas so I think all my ideaswill make a difference here.

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