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Reading Books

Reading Books

Some people love to read books, some don’t mind reading, and others hate reading. Around 53% of people enjoy reading, and there are many reasons why. As well, there are reasons why people don’t like reading books. Reading can actually have many benefits. There are also many reasons why you may actually enjoy reading!


Reading books can often have many positive effects on your everyday life. One of these reasons is that it can reduce stress. Joy McKee said reading helps her because “it helps me rest both mentally and physically; it helps me slow down.” Reading books can also help improve sleep and mental health. It can inspire success, make you smarter and a better writer, and teach you social skills. Zoey Berezansky said, “Books can speak for those who can’t voice it themselves.” “I love to read almost everything because it helps me understand myself and people around me.” There are numerous other benefits to reading, including.


  • Empathy
  • Reduces stress
  • Expands imagination
  • It helps with sleep
  • Inspires success
  • Improves memory
  • Improves concentration and focus


There are many great genres you can explore when reading books. There is mystery, romance, rom-coms, fantasy, drama, and even more! Zoey said, “I love to read any and all books. Books are the doorway to motivation and inspiration in society.” Many people like books for many reasons. Some people like mystery books because they like the suspense leading up to the end. Others enjoy fantasy books because they like things that aren’t all real life. Many like romance for different reasons. Maybe they like reading how love is explained in a book. Joy said, “I enjoy rom-coms because I’m desperately single, I guess, haha, but love is also very beautiful written in words.”


Reading is great for many people, but there are some people who don’t enjoy reading. There can be many reasons why people don’t like reading. Students may not like reading because it is something that is forced upon them. In school, reading is something that is enforced a lot. This causes students to feel that reading is more of a chore than a choice. This can be something that ends up affecting people throughout their lives. Chris Underwood still does not like reading today because he was always forced to read when he was a kid, even outside of school. Some students don’t like reading books simply because they haven’t found the type of book they truly enjoy reading. Many people get misled when it comes to reading. This can also be because reading is forced on students a lot. In school, there are many books we end up having to read for classes. Some students never take the time to pick out their own books to read. This results in them believing that they just don’t like reading any books. Reading can be difficult for people who have focus issues or other disorders. Rachel Underwood also does not like reading because she has dyslexia. This makes it difficult to truly understand the book and enjoy reading.

There are many ways people can go from not liking to read to loving to read. Zoey’s advice is, “Finding a love for reading starts by finding a book that fits you. For my brother he didn’t like reading until he read Harry Potter; for some, they only like one author. There is such a wide variety of books, authors, and genres that it’s really about finding the right ones to read.” Joy’s advice is, “I would tell them to get rid of the thought of the books you read in school; for me, when I read in my own time, it’s much more enjoyable than at school. I would also tell them to try different books out because you never know what genre you’ll be into.” Reading can be trial and error, but it is definitely just finding what you like! It is almost like a TV show. Everyone likes watching TV, just not all the same things. This is the same for books. Branch out, explore, and find what works for you!

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My name is Elizabeth Underwood, I am 17 years old. This is not my first time taking Journalism.I chose to take Journalism again because I enjoy writing. I think it is fun to research differenttopics for the articles you write about. It is also a great way to build confidence when it comes tointerviewing others for your articles. I enjoy writing articles on things that can be more on apersonal level for others. For example, mental health struggles. I am excited to write articles thissemester and work on becoming a better writer.

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