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Why You Shouldn’t Look at the Solar Eclipse

Why did some people decide to look at the recent solar eclipse? Are they doing it for a bet, to prove it doesn’t make you blind, or because they don’t have common sense? Most of us when we were younger have been told to never look at a solar eclipse with our bare eyes. Yet people still look but what happens to someone who looks at the solar eclipse?


When I was interviewing this young lady at Gloucester High School she allegedly looked at the solar eclipse. These are her points of view. She said she can see a little bit of light and figures. The reason she did it though might shock some people. She said she did it to prove a point, and to show people that looking at the solar eclipse will make you blind. She did say she does regret it, But it might recover in 6 days to a month. When she looked at it, she said she didn’t feel anything like no burns or anything. Now you’re probably wondering why you would look at the solar eclipse for a point when you could have looked it up and done a little research. Don’t worry, I ask the same thing, but that’s her life, not mine.


When doing my research on preventing blindness from solar eclipses. The article says “It is NEVER SAFE to look at a partial solar eclipse without proper safety equipment or techniques”. Which some would argue to be common sense. If you or someone you know wants to look at the solar eclipse there are safer ways to do that. You can make a pinhole which is the tiny spaces between the leaves that will act as pinhole projectors, dappling the ground with images of the crescent Sun. These are the things you should not do when a solar eclipse is happening: don’t use your phone, don’t use your camera, or any unsafe filters.


Even though a total solar eclipse only happens on average every 18 months. We should never sit and look at it. Our eyesight is very important and why would you go and ruin it for a bet or to prove a point? You will regret it and if you really want to look at it please do some residues and find the safest way to do it. So if someone tells you or tries to make you look at the solar eclipse you shouldn’t look for your own health and safety.


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About the Contributor
Brianna Clemmons
My name is Brianna but I go by Bri and I'm a student at Gloucester High school. I took Journalism because I love to write and talk to others and get their input. I am in high school. I'm in 11th grade and I live in Gloucester. The difference I'm going to make is I'm trying to bring awareness to anyone that needs it.

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