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Megamind Vs The Doom Syndicate: A Review

Megamind Vs. The Doom Syndicate is the second film in the Megamind franchise. It’s the sequel to the first movie, Megamind; released in 2010 which was a box office hit garnering $321.9 million world on a $130 million budget. The film continued to maintain relevance by gaining an internet cult following of some sort. Many memes and references would continue to be made about the movie, even before the release of the second movie. So, let’s see, does the sequel live up to the name of the first movie?

The best way to see this is by discussing the events and plot of the story. The movie starts with Megamind introducing himself directly to the viewer, breaking the fourth wall, and telling the audience about his story. He tells the viewers how he’s gone from being a supervillain to a superhero, which is proved when we see him using his dehydration gun to take out a gang of villains in fish costumes. Due to these actions, he’s given the key to the Metrocity.

This peace does not last long, a random kid who posts news to his fansite is spreading news of his action. This causes a surprise, and when Megamind returns to his lair, he is greeted by “The Doom Syndicate,” who confront Megamind, asking him if he finally took over the city or not. He lies, telling the group of villains how he technically does run the city, hiding the fact that he defeated the prior villain threatening the city in the last movie. They acknowledge his key to the city and realize he isn’t really the villain he appears to be. This starts the conflict for the movie Megamind vs The Doom Syndicate.

It’s clear they’re trying to appeal heavily to the fact this movie is intended for younger audiences for the sake of making an inconsistent plot with a mediocre story. There’s many questions to be brought up though like “Why didn’t Megamind just use his weapons like the dehydration ray on them?”, it’s never mentioned. There are also issues with the animation, there’s little to no improvement made since the last movie, even the models look outdated and it definitely isn’t just for artistic vision. The replaced voice actors also do a bad job of replicating the old voices, important ones like Megamind’s. I will say there was a nice choice of music in one of the dance scenes, but other than that there isn’t much noteworthy about the movie. It seems like even Dreamworks, the creators wanted to forget about the movie as they gave it practically no advertising and put it directly into a streaming service. 

Ultimately, this movie was destined for failure and yet another bad stain on the company’s track record. I wish I could have more to say about this movie but there isn’t really much. The movie was a great disappointment and I wouldn’t recommend it, that’s all. Thank you for your time reading this review, I hope your day is a better experience than this movie.

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