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Dukes Dispatch

Dukes Dispatch

What is Art?

What is Art?

Cathrine Davis, Editor April 8, 2024

Art is so much more than most people choose to imagine; it is not something just cool or nice to look at; it goes much deeper. It is a universe where colors, movements, sounds, shapes, and ideas unite...


Women’s History Month: Women’s Continued Contribution to Music

Carlos Estevez, Editor March 19, 2024

With March rolling in, Women’s History Month is a perfect time to discuss the strong and talented females that continue to shape the music industry today. Women such as Lana del Rey changed the pop music...

Megans Law

Megan’s Law

Tanner Nuttall, Staff Reporter March 5, 2024

Megan dropped a song called “Hiss.” In the song, Megan said, “These wanna-bes ain't mad at Megan, They mad at Megan's law." The definition of Megan's Law is a law requiring authorities to notify...

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