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New One: Coach Crouch

Charlie Arnone
Coach Crouch

The Starting Inspiration

Crouch’s father was a coach at York High School for 2 years back in the 70s, and he had always told him that Gloucester was a place he wished he could coach for if he got the chance. Coach Crouch found out about the job opening and immediately jumped on the opportunity. 

Future Football

Coach Noah Crouch has confidently stated that he feels the future of Gloucester football is bright. He addresses in his statement, “that adding more time to weight training to get stronger would help significantly.” He also states that the players of this program are dedicated to the sport, and he is proud to see how many players come out and give it their all. Crouch says, “The history of Gloucester Football is soon going to have a major turnaround.” 

Behind the Scenes of Noah Crouch

Before Crouch started his career as a football coach, he worked 6 months as a deputy sheriff in Virginia Beach. He claimed that it was not his favorite job, and that he is glad to have become a football coach. 

Collegiate Career

Coach Crouch attended the University of Liberty as an undergraduate. He was a football player there from the year 2001-2005. He graduated from Liberty in 2006, and to top it all off, he received his master’s degree from ODU in sports management. 

The Big Game

Crouch believes that Warwick is currently the best team in the district, stating that they are even better than Phoebus. So to strive for the win he plans to slow the game down and to add some new, unseen things into their arsenal. Crouch feels that if they fulfill their responsibilities, they can compete. 

Words From the Players

Star left guard and center JR Jones had some admiring words to say about his new head coach. JR says, “Coach Crouch is a great guy. He has good intentions for the football team. He keeps on us about our grades, our attitudes, and the way we act in the school building. He is one of the few people in this school that believes in the football team and I am very thankful for him.”

Sophomore rising show-maker Mohamed Erraji states about Coach Crouch, “I believe he is very helpful in many ways. He tries to be as vocal as he can. He makes sure that he gets his point across when needed, and he most definitely knows how to coach a football team.”

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About the Contributor
Charlie Arnone
Charlie Arnone, Staff Reporter
My name is Charlie Arnone, and I am 15.  This is my first time taking Journalism at Gloucester High School. I would like to be a sports journalist and get into the sports of the high school and report on it.

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