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The Importance of Close Friends

The Importance of Close Friends
Hindustan Times

Friends are something special that, if they are good, you need to keep them in your life. They are people you can go to when you need something, big or small, when you are going through something, or if you just want to talk to someone. Most people have one or two best friends, and they tend to know the most important things about you. Some friends could be so close to the point where you call them family.

Not everybody knows the struggles people have at home. Some people do not enjoy being at home because of things that go on there. Friends have proven to be one of the best ways to clear your mind and bring you joy when it seems like you cannot feel it. Being with them tends to make people laugh and smile. They will not judge you for the things you like. They will not judge you for not having a lot of cool things. Best friends are your best friends because they enjoy your presence, they enjoy your humor, they enjoy you for you. In some cases, friends can be closer to you than your actual family. 

When you are at your lowest, the best people to make you laugh always seem to be your closest friends. They know what can fix your bad mood, they know how to make you smile, and they know how to crack a laugh from you. When they know you are in a bad mood, they would do anything to make you feel better and happy since they don’t like to see you not being yourself. They will not stop until they know you are all cheered up. That is one of the main reasons you can call them your best friends because they show care and compassion. 

In conclusion, friends are a way to escape the monotony of life and to ease the stresses of school, work and at-home struggles. Being uplifted by friends is something that can show you the inner beauty of the world and reinstates your faith in humanity as a whole. Just remember to always keep your close friends in your life, and cherish them with love and care. 

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Charlie Arnone
Charlie Arnone, Staff Reporter
My name is Charlie Arnone, and I am 15.  This is my first time taking Journalism at Gloucester High School. I would like to be a sports journalist and get into the sports of the high school and report on it.

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