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Dukes Dispatch

Dukes Dispatch

What am I?

Tristan Schmidt April 12, 2024

It was small, tan, and had a strong set of jaws that Could open and shut tightly. It was owned by many old ladies And had just as many pieces of hard candy inside of it in its lifetime. It had a soft...


Morgan Friend April 12, 2024

Perspective I sit atop a rolling head, doing the best I can. I was just a dream until my authority rang true. I can be cruel and awful, but, when I am just all may prosper. I speak and all will listen,...

Night and Day

Marissa Pelfrey April 12, 2024

Night and Day By: Marissa Pelfrey The crickets squeal An eerie sound Darkness frightens all around Unsure what is real Alone with what you feel No peace is to be found The ghost of night is quite...

Awesome Acrostic

Tristan Schmidt April 12, 2024

Trust me, I’m awesome Really awesome I am awesome Still really awesome The awesome is me Always awesome Never not awesome

Butter Lady

Kinsey McCann April 12, 2024

Butter Lady There was a very old lady,      Who looked like glue so pasty, Seemed to have a butterface,  Unknown to her it was laced, With a tiny old pastry lady. 


Lily Berg April 12, 2024

Wisteria Infecting grasp of greenery spread Another dying another dead All over the land, claimed by choking pressure But in that pretty purple I do take pleasure.


Lily Berg April 12, 2024

Aged Recollection of things within concealed corners Even the murkiest dark nook and cranny wouldn't be far enough No worry no fear Time has come ever near It picks and scrapes at my vault...

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