Ask Ava: Volume 5


Valiree Vining

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Ava Roscoe, Staff Reporter

¨I’m pretty sure one of my friends has a crush on her cousin. She keeps talking about how big and strong he is, and when I asked her for his snap, she said that she was saving him for “something special”. She’s adopted so they’re not related by blood or anything but I still think it’s weird, especially because she keeps sending him pictures of her in bikinis and crop tops and saying ´oops wrong person´ when after the fifth time you do that, I’m pretty sure it’s not the wrong person.¨ signed, Perturbed Friend

Dear Perturbed Friend,
While I am unsure of the legality of such a relationship, I believe that it is fine for her to date her “cousin” as long as they aren’t actually related. It definitely still is weird, though.

¨My friend group is currently not doing the best. I, person A, dated person B. Then after that I also dated person C. Then after that person D and person C dated, then person B dated person D. And now, I like person D, but they’re having feelings for person C again and person B has a crush on me again. And to top it all off, person C is dating someone outside of the friend group. I just want to know your thoughts and how I should handle the situation.¨ signed, Person A

Dear Person A,
I had to make a diagram to understand this submission, which is a first, but wow. This seems to be a very complicated friend group. As it is my understanding, all of you have dated each other at one point or another, so being around each other after having such a close relationship like that isn’t particularly healthy for your friendship. It might be better to separate yourself from them to focus on yourself. Or, broaden your range of friends instead of sticking to just one small group.

¨I have a crush on a peer of mine. I keep giving her notes and buying her chocolates, but she keeps telling me she’s not interested. I have a plan to go to her house and serenade her Say Anything style. Is that a good idea? If not how do i get her to like me?¨ signed, John Cusack

Dear John Cusack,
While it does seem like a romantic gesture, it might not be the best idea. She obviously has already told you that she has no interest in having a relationship. Showing up to her house in the middle of the night with a boombox, might get you a night in jail, not a marriage proposal.

¨Over the past few months, I´ve been getting a certain urge. I don’t think I want to use toilets anymore. I think I want to use the bathroom outside, I just think it will be my way of helping the environment and re nourishing the Earth.¨ signed, Wild

Dear Wild,
Upon reading this for the first time, I originally had a negative reaction. There really is nothing stopping you from doing it, as long as you aren’t in public of course. I would’ve appreciated not knowing this, thank you.