Potential Local Colleges Offer Great Opportunities For High School Grads

Grace Mares, Staff Reporter

My parents want me to participate in college, mostly because they want me to have the experience. After lots of thinking; I’ve decided that I want to go, but I have no idea where I want to go! If you’re looking to pursue your education after high school, or you’re just looking for local colleges, here’s just a few I have researched.

Starting off with one of my favorite colleges, William & Mary. William and Mary is a public, four year college with an acceptance rate of 42% and a graduation rate of 92%. I’ve visited many of their athletic games and they’re always a blast! There are many programs and courses available and average tuition is around 20k. William and Mary has been my dream school since 6th grade.

Another College that could be a fit for you would be Virginia Tech. Now, you often hear people comparing Virginia Tech and The University of Virginia, but in my opinion Virginia Tech will always be superior. Virginia Tech has an acceptance rate of 66% and a graduation rate of 84% with an average tuition of 21k. Much of their advertisement goes towards their Corps of Cadets program.

Radford University has an acceptance rate of 79% and a graduation rate of 55%, their tuition is around 16k. Radford has beautiful programs and is known for its use of technology in the learning department. I know a few people who have applied to Radford and I recommend checking it out! If you get in then congratulations because Radford is a wonderful school!

James Madison University is a public, 4 year college with an acceptance rate of 80% and a graduation rate of 83%. James Madison’s sports are pretty popular among other colleges. Sherman Dillard, a former basketball player and current coach, previously went to James Madison. If you’re trying to pursue a career in sports then JMU might be your place!

Last, but not least we have Mary Baldwin University. Mary Baldwin is a college mainly for women with 81% females and 19% of males. They have an acceptance rate of 87% and a graduation rate of 45%. One of the smartest people I know is going to Mary Baldwin, so I really recommend applying for this school if you want a good education.

All of these colleges are located in Virginia, whether they’re 20 minutes away or 3 hours away! Each of these schools are known for different things, so if you’re looking to major in music then maybe these aren’t your schools. As mentioned before, if you’re looking to go into sports then schools like JMU could be for you!