Gilmore Girls Is Worth A Look

Rex Davis and Kellsy Cecil

If you like romance, comedy, and a new show you could relate to then you should watch Gilmore Girls. With summer coming up, you might be looking for new shows to binge watch with friends while eating endless amounts of junk food, or maybe you are just looking for something to occupy your time, and Gilmore Girls can do both.

Gilmore Girls is set in a small town called Stars Hollow in Connecticut. This is a show liked by many people of all ages. It’s a show easy to binge with each episode following a single mother and daughter duo taking life day by day. The romance, drama, and humor really make the show addicting to watch. There is also a good soundtrack for the show that sets the mood for each episode. 

This is a show you could watch with friends, family or by yourself, it’s also a good show to watch to pass the time. Gilmore Girls sends a message to never give up on your goals or dreams and that honesty is key to a lot of things in life. 

Each episode has something significant happening whether it be a new romance, big achievement for a character or an argument that turns into tears and hugs. 

This is one of our favorite shows and it could be yours too. It’s a great show to watch with friends. It’s amazing to binge watch for hours. Gilmore Girls has been an amazing show for years and if you liked what you read in this review you should definitely check it out.