The GHS Golf Team

Lucy Alexander, Staff Reporter

Camden Richardson, Andrew White, and Wyatt Lawson Shoot a 76, 73, and 73 at Williamsburg country club. Camden, a 17 year old senior on the GHS Golf team, decided to get pumped up before the game and jam out to some music to wake himself up and have a good  match. Andrew White, a 16 year old junior at GHS, quotes,” I just went out with a positive attitude. And if I hit a bad shot I just let it go and hit my next shot.” Andrew has been on the team for 3 years and has been our top 6 people to  make the cut every round. Lastly Wyatt Lawson shoots a 73 and  says,” I tend to shoot for the money, and make it big.” Wyatt is shooting high and thinking smart. Gunnar Healy, Andrew White, Wyatt Lawson, Camden Richardson, Blake Sibley, and Jackson Dutton shot  a four- year-plus team score of 308. Good job GHS Golf Team! Keep it up!