Meet the GHS Varsity Cheer team!



Homecoming Parade GHS Varsity Cheerleaders

Lucy Alexander, Staff Reporter

Aniya Carter, the captain of the GHS cheer team, started when she was 6 years old. She helps with the team, and pushes the team to victory during competitions. Taylor Brown and Jordyn Seal are two of our GHS Cheerleaders who have been cheering since 8th grade and Freshman year. Before the Football games they always enjoy their team meal, and as well as getting ready as a group. Many girls have said they enjoy the passion, excitement, and social aspect of cheer. Abby Littlefield wanted to return back to cheerleading after taking a break. She returned in the 8th grade year, and continued to keep cheering. Makayla Burmeister was going to her uncle’s high school games, and just started watching the cheerleaders and pushed herself  to try out.  The girls are on their way to the states! They placed 2nd in the region out of sixteen and two rounds of competition. State Competitions will be Nov. 5, 2022 at Virginia Commonwealth University. Let’s go support and cheer on our Varsity Cheer team! GO DUKES!

Homecoming Football Game Varsity Cheerleaders (Advisor)