Thanksgiving Is A Time For Big Meals & Football

Payton Timmons, Staff Reporter

Football tends to be a big tradition on Thanksgiving. Kids playing backyard football and of course the Thursday night football. Most families in America love to eat big meals and watch football on Thanksgiving. The teams that are playing this Thanksgiving are the Patriots vs. the Vikings, the Bills vs. the Lions, and the Cowboys vs. the Giants.

The first game on Thanksgiving is the Buffalo Bills vs. the Detroit Lions. According to ESPN Analytics the Bills have a 86.3% chance of winning while Detriot only has a 13.5% chance of winning. The Bills are currently 6-3 and the Lions are 3-6. Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen’s stats are 64.1% 2,403 yards 19 touchdowns 8 interceptions and a rating of 99.2. Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff’s stats are 62.9 CMP% 2,041 yards 14 touchdowns 7 interceptions and a rating of 91.8. The winning odds are in the Bills’ favor as they have had an overall better season than the Lions. Stefon Diggs has had a great season so far with 60 REC 857 yards and 7 touchdowns. Both Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs are a key to the Bills’ offense. Overall, the Bills have the upper hand against the Lions, but anything can happen in a football game.

The Giants vs Cowboys game is the second game on Thanksgiving. According to ESPN Analytics, the Cowboys have a 80.5% chance of winning and the Giants have a 19.3% chance of winning. The Giants are currently 7-2 while the Cowboys are 6-3. The Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott’s stats are 66.7 CMP% 591 yards 3 touchdowns 2 interceptions and a rating of 90.1. Daniel Jones, the New York Giants’ quarterback’s stats are 65.0 CMP% 1,399 yards 6 touchdowns 2 interceptions and a rating of 88.0. The New York Giants are second in the NFC EAST division while the Dallas Cowboys are third in the same division. The New York Giants have a strong running game as they are third in rushing leaders. Both teams have the chance to win but it all depends on who plays better.

The Patriots vs. The Vikings is the last game on Thanksgiving. The Vikings are currently 7-1 and the Patriots are 5-4. Mac Jones, the New England Patriots’ quarterback’s current stats are 66.1 CMP% 1,140 yards 4 touchdowns 7 interceptions and a 76.0 rating. Kirk Cousins, the Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback’s stats are 64.8 CMP% 1,999 yards 13 touchdowns 6 interceptions and a rating of 89.5.So far the Vikings have had a better season than the Patriots record wise. The Vikings are number one in their division and the Patriots are fourth in their division. The Patriots do have an advantage with their coach Bill Belichick that has been in the league for 48 years and is considered one of, if not the best, coach in the NFL. Belichick has more experience than rookie head coach Kevin O’Connel. The last time Minnesota beat New England was back in 2000, when Daunte Culpepper beat Drew Bledsoe, 21-13. The NFL odds calling for this game to come down to the wire and the Patriots vs. Vikings stats show that they are both evenly matched.