Star Wars Rebels Provides Excitement To Fans

Janelle Fuelling, Staff Reporter

In this Sci-Fi series, Star Wars Rebels tells the story of a teenage boy named Ezra Bridger, who lost his parents to the Empire.  His home world was taken over by the Empire like every other planet out there. But everything changes when a Rebel Alliance group comes to Lothal, which is a planet with sandy ground and meets an unexpected visitor, Ezra and decides to join the Rebel group to free Lothal and other worlds that are taken over by the Empire.

When Ezra joins the crew, he then starts to realize that they are more than just a rebel crew, they are a family, and possibly the best one Ezra could ever have.
In this Sci-Fi series, you will experience exciting and action-packed scenes, funny lines, and of course, lovable characters.  I also like this show because of how my Dad and I watch it together, since we love Star Wars so much and that my Dad wants to continue watching cartoons.  It’s what me and my Dad enjoy doing together everyday.