College Might Not Be Your Path


Laura Chernow

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Ady Jeffrey, Sections Editor

No matter what grade you are in at the moment it is still important to think about what job or college you want to pursue. You might not want to go to college, or you might have your heart set on it. If you do not know what you want to do there is no pressure because everyone moves at their own pace. It is important to commit to something you love. Jacy Roberts, 24, who did not go to college says, “Find a skill that you can learn and make money from if you don’t know what you want to do in college.” 

If you do not plan to go to a 4-year college there are so many other options for you to choose. For example, you could go into a trade such as plumbing, electrical, pipefitters, or HVAC. Find a job that is right for you and benefits you or find somewhere to work where you really love it. Roberts also said, “If you hate it you can save money and pay for college yourself with the money you used to work.” 

The financial aspect of college is not good. People who went to college even 10 years ago are still paying off their debt. Trying to find work right after college can also be challenging even with a degree. Even if you do get a job directly after college, a majority of the money you are earning will go to paying off loans and working your way out of debt. It can also delay long-term goals such as getting married, buying a house, buying a car, or starting a business because you are in financial trouble. 

 Although there are a lot of negative sides to going to college there are also positive ones. The bonds of friendship made in college can never be broken. Like high school sweethearts, college sweethearts often last longer according to The University of Delaware. In addition, making friends with new people is a very cool experience, as well as making memories that will last a lifetime. Playing collegiate sports also helps ensure lifelong friendships. 

Another advantage to attending college is when you get hired your income will be higher. If you have a bachelor’s degree you are also more likely to be hired by a big corporation than just having a high school diploma. Additionally, higher-paying jobs often require a bachelor’s degree or higher. Professions such as doctors or lawyers pay a lot but require a degree. 

College is not for everyone. You have to self-evaluate what path would be good for you. Picking a college can be a very long process for some, so start thinking about it before it’s too late. Roberts has this final piece of great advice, “Don’t go to college just to go to college. Don’t go just for the parties, go for the education and a future career.”