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Navigating what it was like being on a masculine golf team.

Lucy Alexander, Staff Reporter February 8, 2023

For a large portion of my life I played field hockey, but once I got into seventh grade I decided to try out golf. I took lessons at Deer Run golf course and when eighth grade rolled around I began to...

Rock Star Stock Clip Art

Fame, What’s there to lose? Not everyone can be Taylor Swift.

Lua Rosado Perez, Staff Reporter February 7, 2023

Everyone wishes to be a famous celebrity once in their life. No one ever seems to realize what these people have to go through to get their work noticed and listened to. Even then, artists never really...

Image of person writing in a journal.

Writing in a Journal Provides Benefits Physically and Mentally

Elizabeth Underwood, Editor February 7, 2023

Having a journal can be beneficial in many different ways. Around 8% of the population owns a journal and finds it helpful. There are many reasons why you should own one if you don’t already.  Coming...

Teen Pregnancy

Deja Kincaid, Staff Reporter February 7, 2023

Being pregnant as a teenager is extremely hard for many reasons, one being that while you’re growing into the person you become, there’s also a person growing inside of you. There are lots of views...

Busy mom graphic

Angelina Kirkhorn Juggles Work, Family and Volunteering

Heather Kirkhorn, Staff Reporter December 16, 2022

Juggling tasks is very common for everyone. If you walk past a person, you can probably believe they might have more than one thing they need to get done. Juggling tasks is not uncommon for Angelina Kirkhorn...

Gloucester Duke Logo

Trish Wagner Reflects On Great Friendships Built At GHS

Kiara Hendryx, Staff Reporter December 16, 2022

Trish Wagner graduated from GHS last year. Wagner has accomplished many things since graduating high school. Her favorite part about high school was the memories and bonds she had created with the teachers...

Cross Country Image

Coach Stan Excited The XC and Track and Field Teams Are Consistently Improving

Hannah Broadwell, Staff Reporter December 16, 2022

The head track and field coach has been John Perrin for the past 30 years. He knows basically everyone in the school and is a pretty familiar face especially to those on XC and track and field teams. Perrin...

Joel Junker, Duke of the Year, Has Big Plans After High School

Izzy Whiteaker, Photographer/Advertising Manager December 16, 2022

Joel Junker is Duke of the Year at Gloucester High School and an aspiring US Navy nuclear engineer. Joel says it was a combination of his accomplishments at GHS, character, and progression as a teenager...

New Teacher Prioritizes Diversity In Classroom

Lela Schlangen, Co-Editor December 16, 2022

Mr. Martinez is Gloucester High School’s third, and most recent, choir director. Being such a new addition to the high school’s staff, he is a mystery to most. Martinez has an extensive history as...

Diploma and Cap

GHS Grad Gives Advice On Life After High School

Elizabeth Underwood, Editor December 16, 2022

Getting close to graduating high school can be a scary, overwhelming time. Many students may have questions about what to expect, how it is outside of high school, and should they attend college. Jacob...

Dario Rosado Learns Valuable Skills At New Horizons

Lua Rosado Perez, Staff Reporter December 16, 2022

Dario Rosado is an aspiring welder who goes to New Horizons. Welding is a complex process to join things together, a job that requires attention to detail and a great deal of hand-eye coordination. There...

Single Parents Face Challenges

Carlos Esteves, Staff Reporter December 16, 2022

Jamie Cabatbat is a single mom with three kids and relies a lot on her own income to support them. Jamie says life as a single parent is very hard, and when questioned about her sources of income she replied...

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