Angelina Kirkhorn Juggles Work, Family and Volunteering

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Heather Kirkhorn, Staff Reporter

Juggling tasks is very common for everyone. If you walk past a person, you can probably believe they might have more than one thing they need to get done. Juggling tasks is not uncommon for Angelina Kirkhorn who volunteers at church, is a janitor for StartingPoint, is trying to make a business by making bracelets, does work around the house, takes care of the cars, pays the bills, and does her best to be at any family event she can.

Not everything needs a special reason to them, like Kirkhorn and her brand new business making bracelets. She doesn’t have a real reason for making her new business, she just likes to create and have something to do. “I just think they’re really pretty, and it’s something to do.” Kirkhorn had confirmed. With this mindset, Kirkhorn has no stress making bracelets and finds it relaxing. But along with that she also has other things she gets done in between. Kirkhorn has to pay the bills and take care of everything in the house at the same time, which can get overwhelming at times, “Yeah, with everything happening, it does get overwhelming”. Kirkhorn said. “But she has support,” John Kirkhorn, her husband, who was seated next to her added.” I believe Kirkhorn has a lot on her mind” Netti Fulton, a family friend brought up.” I know she worries about if she’s made good choices” Fulton continued, “I must say that she strives to find an outlet that she can focus on, her jewelry making has been wonderful for her.” Fulton finishes adding another reason that even though Kirkhorn has many things going on, she loves to make jewelry and finds it as a stress reliever. Kirkhorn’s bracelet-making and the support around her get her through her day. Even when there is so much going on, she enjoys doing what she does and finds it therapeutic and relaxing. 

That’s not the only thing Kirkhorn does throughout her days, she also volunteers at church and cleans it every night. In addition, Kirkhorn also helps other people with advice and suggestions. Again, Kirkhorn doesn’t have a reason to do this, she just does. “I don’t really have an answer for that, it’s something that’s kind of ingrained in me, I feel like I have to,” Kirkhorn said. It’s something that just comes naturally, it makes you feel nice to volunteer and help. “And I also like to feel needed,” Kirkhorn confessed. This is understandable; everyone wants to feel appreciated and needed at times. “I also feel like it’s something that God wants me to do,” Kirkhorn added. Which is a sweet reason to help out, sometimes you just get this feeling that you need to help.”She’s helped me get over stage fright.” Grace Geach, another family friend brought up, “I mean I still have it, but it’s not as bad as it used to be. I still take her advice about taking deep breaths before singing, whether it’s on Sundays or Wednesdays.”Geach continued. Showing that volunteering at the church is not all she does to help, Kirkhorn also helps others when she can. Kirkhorn cleans the church and the school connected to it just about every night, as well as helps buy the supplies to clean with. She also gives advice where she can to help other people out.

Angelina Kirkhorn is a 53-year-old mother with 6 kids, a loving husband, two cats, and a dog. She was born in Houston Texas in 1969 and grew up in Austin and Florence Texas. Growing up was a bit rough for Kirkhorn, but most of that information she does not want to share. Although her childhood wasn’t all that bad, she grew up mostly playing outside and working on a farm.  Now Kirkhorn lives in Gloucester, Virginia with her husband and two youngest children in a beautiful two-story home. Surrounded by loving people, Kirkhorn gets what she needs to get done even when everything is all jumbled up and mixed to the point of multitasking.