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Should the Driving Age Be Lowered?

Elderly Driver
Rochlin Law Firm, Ltd.
Elderly Driver

Should the driving age minimum be changed from 16 to 18? Many people think the driving age should be changed from 16 to 18 due to maturity and road safety. I think that 16-year-olds should be able to drive because not all teens are irresponsible, though some can be. I feel like that goes for everyone, not just teens. Older people can be irresponsible and especially elders can’t drive well and struggle.

  Teens should also be able to drive so they can bring themselves to school instead of relying on the bus or their parents. It makes their life easier and can make them feel more independent. It also allows teens to be able to go out without their parents and be able to go places when their parents are not around and cannot take them. I can see why some people do not want teens to be able to drive, but they need to be able to take themselves places and know how to drive better for when they’re older.  

Even if the driving age was changed from 16 to 18, teens would be better drivers, older or not they would still drive the same. I think we should allow them to get their license young so they can know how to drive better for when they get older. Driving is an important skill they will use every day, and I do not think we should take that away from them and make them wait. Most people assume they will be irresponsible on the road and will be on their phones, but it depends more on the person than the age.

  Anybody can be a reckless driver, age does not make people a better driver, people of all ages can be a bad driver. There are just as many adults on their phones when driving as teens, and just as many adults getting into accidents as teens. That is why I think teens should be able to drive. What is the difference between a teen bad driver and an adult bad driver? In conclusion, I think that teens should be able to drive, we should not assume that all teens are bad drivers and that the law should not be changed.

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Emily Williamson
Emily Williamson, Staff Reporter
Hi, my name is Emily Williamson and I am 15.  As for my plans after high school, I want to be a marine ecologist.  This is my first time taking journalism and I took this class because I enjoy writing and I think it is fun.  I want to make a difference by shedding light on good things and I want to help people and the environment.

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