GHS Considering Restrooms for All

Gloucester High School is considering a new restroom concept for all genders. They are planning on making A hall a community restroom. The restroom stalls would be from the ceiling to the floor with locks on the doors for privacy. Many staff were hesitant to speak on the record but a few teachers spoke on the condition of anonymity.  “I fear for the protection of female students,” said one staff member.  Another staff member believes students would be able to engage in sexual activity in the these types of bathrooms.  And another staff said, “It could cause more destruction to the restrooms.”

Multiple students believe it would be easy for students to do drugs in the new restrooms and engage in more sexual activities. One student said, “I don’t really have a problem with the restrooms, but it could cause more destruction.” Another student said, “Students would have more restrooms.” “Transgender students wouldn’t feel as awkward about going to the restroom,” said one student.  “Students would have more privacy,” One student commented. But another student countered, “I don’t have a problem with the restrooms but it could cause more fights to break out or could cause more people to get jumped.”

Whitepaper design for Saint Paul Public Schools

One of the questions asked was, what are some of the pros and cons about this type of restroom design? Some comments from students include: “I feel like some of the pros are kids who are transgender would feel more comfortable”, “It would make it easier for the janitors to clean”, “More resource space in the school to use the restroom”.  Other comments were: “I feel some of the cons are it would be easier for couples to have sex in there”, “ I don’t like how open and big it would be. It wouldn’t make me feel safe” and “Females and males could be in danger. It seems like it would make it easier for sexual assaults.” and “I feel like it could be a very big safety hazard for all students”.  One student said, “I think it could have its benefits but it’s not really the best idea because I think students will take advantage because it’s enclosed”.