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The Bombing of Rafah

The Bombing of Rafah

Many people have probably heard of the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip, but many also forget that it continues to rage on. Civilians have been relocated all the way from the North to the South, forced to leave everything they own and love behind because Israel deems it unsafe despite their actions being the reason it has become that way. Recently, Israel has told roughly one million civilians to evacuate from a place called Rafah, one of the southernmost points of the strip.

Rafah was once deemed a safe place by Israel, but once again civilians are being demanded to evacuate a “safe zone”. During the Superbowl, Israel pushed in with an attack on the people who failed to leave the area. They used artillery, tanks, aircraft, and soldiers to carry out this move, while millions were distracted with sports. Many theorize this timing was intentional, but there have been no official comments regarding this.

As of writing this, multiple attacks have been carried out, leaving around 100 civilians killed, and around half of them were children. There are reports of children being killed so young that their birth hasn’t even been registered properly. Unfortunately, casualties are still being reported on the civilians who have evacuated, which brings into question whether there is anywhere safe left in Gaza. Israel continues to state this is all an act of self-defense and that Hamas should take responsibility for many of these actions from the Israeli Defense Force.

Israel continues to claim this is all done in an attempt to stomp out the threat of Hamas, despite risking the lives of civilians. Not only does this put innocent Palestinian lives in danger, but Hamas claims that multiple Israeli hostages have lost their lives in the attacks. Those who are in the warzone can only hope for a more permanent ceasefire and a peaceful resolution so that the conflict can finally come to an end.


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Dominick Antis, Editor
My name is Dominick Antis, I am a 17 year old Senior at Gloucester High School. I am taking Journalism in my final semester because I’ve always been interested in the subject. We’re surrounded by the news, and our progress as society relies on it. I hope to hone in on my writing and editing skills so that I may one day pursue this career further in life. I will make a difference by shedding light into ongoing issues and will advocate for others, from their voice to their rights.

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