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Effects of the Renovation on Students

Switching everything around could be detrimental to a student’s mind and health. Not knowing where to go throughout the day can really cause several harmful factors. None of the hallways are listed with what classes or rooms they contain, there is very little help to show kids around, and many more. 

Without knowing what hall your class is in, being scared and or having anxiety is ten times easier. Not knowing your way around the halls or where the bathrooms are can make you and many other students late to class. Many of the freshmen this year are getting lost faster since they have no idea because they are not used to the format of A-Hall, like the juniors and seniors who attended school before the renovation started. 

With all of the changes happening, many students are using this weakness as a way to be even later to class, blaming it on the renovations. These certain weaknesses are being used in every class against every teacher. 

Since every teacher that originally resigned in A-Hall was forcefully moved out into the trailers, they have since been working on how to make the trailer classrooms good enough to teach students in. After having been out there for almost a year, they finally got to move back in. Now, they are working on being used to moving back to regular classes and making the room good enough again for the students.

The way students handle change is all different. Some may like change, others may not. Throughout the renovation, students have been having to deal with change and the effects. With many students that I have seen, they are not very much bothered. Others are so affected by it that their grades have started to drop. 

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About the Contributor
Savannah Balduf
Savannah Balduf, Sections Editor
Hi, my name is Savannah Balduf. I'm 15 and I live in Hayes, VA.  I aspire to be a therapist, helping people with mental health is my dream job.  I want to make a difference by writing about different topics that will affect the majority of people.  I'm taking this class because it helps me improve my writing and opens up many opportunities for everyone.

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