Riverside Fitness Center Offers Fitness Classes for HS Students

Elijah Autry, Staff Reporter

As we are getting closer to Summer, some people are planning on getting back into the Gym. Today, I will be reviewing a local fitness center called the Wellness Center. It is a fitness center here in Gloucester. It is located at 7516 Hospital Dr, Gloucester, VA 23061 right across from the Riverside Walterreed Hospital. At the Fitness Center, they have a variety of things ranging from free weights to their indoor pool and a lot more.
The Free weight room consists of different weights, dumbbells, and machines. It is everything you could probably ever need. An important thing to note is that you have to be sixteen or older to enter and use the free weights. Don’t stress though! There is an alternative. They have an Open Gym as well ; It consists of your more basic and common machines such as the Treadmill, rowing machines, assisted pullup machines, and something everyone knows, the pullup bar and much more! That’s not all though, they also have Gym classes that consist of different types of workouts. They also have a basketball court in the middle of the Gym where people can go and reserve the Gym for certain times whether it is just one person just trying to have a good time or a group of people. The fitness center also has a locker room leading into a large indoor pool with a diving board. There is also always a lifeguard there just in case something happens and keep everyone safe. Also located in the pool room, there is a hot tub and showers. In my opinion the Riverside Fitness Center is a really nice place and would be worth it if you are looking for a place to workout or do any other different fitness activities that they offer.