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Megan’s Law

Megans Law

Megan dropped a song called “Hiss.” In the song, Megan said, “These wanna-bes ain’t mad at Megan, They mad at Megan’s law.” The definition of Megan’s Law is a law requiring authorities to notify communities of the whereabouts of convicted sex offenders. It was first enacted by New Jersey in 1995. Nicki took that to offense because her husband SA someone when he was 17, and her brother SA multiple women and is still facing charges. 

After Megan released the song, Nicki went on a 2-day rant. She started posting to twitter saying she will “unload the clip” on Megan, and that she is “done playing”. Nicki then proceeded to go on Instagram live, talking about Megan’s mother, who passed away. Nicki also brings up how Megan was shot in the foot in late 2022 by rapper Tory Lanez. He is serving 10 years with the chance of parole. His reasoning for the shooting with an AK-47 is still unknown to this day. 

His last words to Megan before he shot her was dance *itch dance. It truly is a tragic situation, but Nicki has continued to bully her about it. Also, in Nicki’s life, she mentioned how she made a song about Megan and that she planned to release it. Nicki afterward proceeded to play a quick second of the song for her viewers, leaving them awestruck. Nicki posted to Twitter a picture of a new song cover called “Bigfoot,” referring to Megan. This whole time Nicki has been on her rant, Megan has stayed completely quiet.

In Megan’s song “Hiss”, she states “these wanna-bes ain’t mad at megan, they mad at megan’s law”. She never did say Nicki’s name or anything that would reference that she was talking about Nicki. Nicki was supposedly “very offended”. Megan does not refer to anything else that would be about Nicki.

In Nicki’s song “Bigfoot,” she refers to Megan a lot. It is very obvious, she make several remarks towards megan. She calls her an alcoholic when she states “Drinkin’ a bottle of henny through a straw”. Nicki accuses Megan of messing with her mom’s man after she passed. She said “Bigfoot, but you are still a small fry,” which is interesting. Nicki states in her song, “talkin bout Megan’s law, for a free beat you can hit Megan raw” calling her easy to get. Next she said “she likes 6 foot, I call her big foot”, talking about her appearance. Also she says “The female dog fell off I said get up on yo good foot.” At the end of day Nicki is losing fans and is embarings herself. She needs to move on and stop the drama. Nicki has caused more mayhem when she started beef with Cardi B in the song Motorsport. Even with a child of her own, she still finds time to troll. #TROLL

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Tanner Nuttall
Tanner Nuttall, Staff Reporter
My name is Tanner and I'm 15. I'm currently a student that enrolled into journalism, andafter high school I would like to go and explore what's out there. I don't really have any plans sowe are going to figure it out. I live in Gloucester, VA and go to Gloucester high school. I am inthe second semester of this year, 2024. I took this class so I could expand my knowledge withinthe English writing process. I am excited to share my writing and my opinions.

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