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The Importance of Water


Water plays a role in our health and it is the most important role in our life. Your body is made up of almost sixty percent of water, and without water you will become dehydrated and die. Your lungs are made out of about eighty-three percent of water, your skin is made out of sixty-four percent, muscles and kidneys are made out of seventy-nine percent, and even the bones have water inside of them. Older people lose a lot of water each day. The average is about 2 liters.


Water maintains every cell in your body’s health, lubricates and cushions your joints, and regulates your body temperature by sweating. It also reduces the risk of urinary tract infections by keeping the bladder clean of any bacteria.


How To Prevent Using Unnecessary Water

 There is not a lot of fresh water left in the world because of global warming, so here are some examples of how you can prevent the usage of using up water. Instead of drinking some coffee in the morning to wake up, drink some tea instead. It takes thirty-seven gallons of water to put together an 8 oz cup of coffee, but for tea, it only takes eight gallons of water to produce an 8 oz cup of tea. Some other ways to save water are turning off the water while brushing your teeth, cut down on washing your clothes, take shorter showers, reduce, reuse, and recycle.


Here are some more ways to save water.  You can check your toilets and your pipes for leaks to take precautions, do not throw anything in the toilet that is not supposed to be in there, if you can not shorten your time in the shower take a bath instead but do not fill it up more than you need it to be. You can also turn off the water while you are shaving, do your dishes when it is all full, do not let your sink run while you are washing fruits and vegetables, deep soak your lawn, and do not water your gutter. There is very limited water left in the water, but there are a lot of ways to save water that do not make a huge difference in your life.


Some ways to clean your house with using water but not wasting a lot of water are dry systems, they are a powdery chemical that you put on grease and then swiped away, vapor systems, and use mops and buckets. When you are washing your dishes instead of doing every single dish individually while letting the water run, put your dishes in the dishwasher.

Dishwashers reduce the amount of water being used. If you are also going to take a bath you can also reuse the water that you used in that bath to clean around your bathroom. When you are searching for new appliances for your house, you should look for water-efficient appliances. When you are cleaning your house you should use brooms and vacuums to clean the hard surfaces in your home. If you are going to use water for your driveway, paths, and tiles, use a pressure washer system and go as fast as you possibly can so it will clean faster, and you will get an amazing result from it.


Some of the agricultural uses of water include irrigation, crop cooling, frost controlling, and fertilizer applications. A way to prevent the loss of water that can be used for farming is getting crop covers so it will reduce the amount of water that is getting evaporated. Cover crops also increase the health of the soil by keeping it covered.


For farmers some of them use a thing called an irrigation pipeline, an irrigation pipeline takes the excess water and uses it to put it back on the land or put it for storage. Drip irrigation makes the water go right to the plant’s roots, which lowers the amount of water that usually evaporates. It is quite expensive to install a drip irrigation system, but most farmers say it is money well spent. A well-installed drip irrigation system saves up about as much as 80 percent more than conventional irrigation systems.


If you put mulch over your plants soil it also can reduce the amount of water that evaporates, it is made out of organic substances like straw or wood chips. If you also put it over the soil it can be used like an insulating layer, keeping it at a good temperature in the summer and lowering the amount of weed growth. Another way is crop rotation, it is when you rotate all the crops you plant new ones and not the same ones. This way improves the soil’s health, decreases erosion, and it also increases nutrients.


Facts About Water

The worldwide percentages for what people use their water for is twenty-four percent for the toilet, twenty percent for the shower, nineteen percent for the faucet, seventeen percent for the clothing washer, twelve percent for leaks in systems, and eight percent for other usages. Water has two ways of being used, there is indirect, and then there is direct. Some examples of the usage of using water indirectly is in the production of making goods and services, and some examples of that are manufactured goods, agricultural products, and energy production.


It takes three thousand, one hundred and seven gallons of water to produce 1 pound of chocolate. But it only takes four hundred and sixty-eight gallons of water to make one pound of chicken.

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Allison Renison
Allison Renison, Staff Reporter
My name is Allison and I’m 14 turning 15 in july. My plans after high schoolare to go to college and be an ultrasound nurse. I’m in high school and livein gloucester. This is my first year here, second semester, and also my firsttime taking journalism. I took this class because I think I’m a very goodwriter and an even better thinker. I have a lot of ideas so I think all my ideaswill make a difference here.

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