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Why do people get sicker during the winter

A lot of people say people get more sick in the winter and that is true for many reasons. I went around my school and interviewed 23 students in total. 21 out of the 23 said that they get sicker during the winter. I asked people if they go outside more during the winter and 23 of them said no, that is another reason why they also get sicker during the winter.


Why do you get more sick during winter explained Scientifically:

Since daylight savings is for the winter and the sky is almost always white, you don’t ever really see the sun. The sunlight is very important to us like lowering your blood temperature, supporting bone health, but also gives you vitamin D, and lowers the chances of you getting a disease. Because it’s daylight savings, and you do not get as much vitamin D from the sun you get sicker. Vitamin D helps your immune system get rid of the diseases in your body. 

The air in your home gets dry most of the time in the winter due to the heating. The dry air inside your home can dry out your nasal passages, making them less effective at fighting off viruses. 


When people go inside or outside:

Since people like to go outside to play in the snow, they eventually get cold and go inside. But some diseases spread better inside houses and places. Some viruses that spread better inside are RSV, colds, and influenza. They spread better because the viruses travel in small droplets, called aerosols, which are released when sick people exhale.


How to Prevent:

You may ask how the immune system gets weakened during the winter. It gets weakened by inhaling dry and cold air causing the blood vessels in the upper respiratory tract to narrow and conserve heat. You should take a lot of vitamin D, like the gummies at food lion as an example. You should not  be around someone who is sick and you should take a lot of precautions. A precaution you should take is drink a lot of water because hydration can help fight off diseases.

When you go outside wearing shorts, no jackets, no hats, and no layers on, you are more prone and likely to get sick with frostbite or hypothermia. So wearing more clothes is definitely a preventative from getting sick. These are all the ways you can get sick from the winter and how to prevent winter sickness!

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Allison Renison
Allison Renison, Staff Reporter
My name is Allison and I’m 14 turning 15 in july. My plans after high schoolare to go to college and be an ultrasound nurse. I’m in high school and livein gloucester. This is my first year here, second semester, and also my firsttime taking journalism. I took this class because I think I’m a very goodwriter and an even better thinker. I have a lot of ideas so I think all my ideaswill make a difference here.

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