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Inside Thoughts on the 100-Hall Renovations


Gloucester High’s renovations to the newly renamed “100-Hall,” has left many students and teachers with various opinions on the school’s new look. While many of the students and staff wished to remain anonymous, plenty of people had lots to say about the hall’s new design. In this article let’s take a look at what some of the members of Gloucester High had to say about the recent renovations.

Karmin Gardener is a sophomore who has experienced both Gloucester High before and after the renovations. Karmin commented that she “personally likes the renovations,” but she didn’t get enough time to become accommodated to them, so she ended up getting lost the day classes were transferred into the school. On top of that, she made various comments on the new stalls, replying that “they aren’t exactly accommodated towards girls and not every stall has the side pocket that accommodates towards females.” She was referring to the disposal boxes in the stalls that allow those who experience periods to dispose of their tampons and pads without leaving the stall. It should also be noted there are no trash cans inside the open bathroom area.

Similarly, another anonymous female student made a comment saying that the “bathrooms are cool, but it’s weird to walk out next to a boy.” Issues concerning the new gender-inclusive designs of the bathrooms were bound to arise. While tension and uncomfortability may die down as the students get situated in the bathrooms’ unique design, it’s important to question whether we are experiencing similar problems to the ones that prompted the bathrooms’ change in design. While the bathroom’s designs are certainly a controversial topic, the new style of the bathrooms makes them accessible to everyone, despite the discomfort. Though not everyone feels opposed to the accommodations, an anonymous male student said he feels they are “pretty nice”, going on to say he “really likes” the bathroom. 

Steven, another student at Gloucester High, wanted to speak on the finished and unfinished parts of the school. He said “It’s nice a little bit” but then proceeded to point to the makeshift walls and undone marble flooring, remarking “But what is even that.” The exposed, incomplete parts of the new hall seem to leave some students confused. However, It is crucial to remember that the hall is still unfinished and will be completely renovated in later years.

An anonymous female sophomore noted that she thinks the 100-Hall accommodations are “good”, but that “it needs more color and its bland looks make it feel like a hospital”. She wasn’t the only person to say this as numerous teachers commented similarly about the hall’s bland look. One teacher went as far as to call the hall’s new look “institutional” but otherwise “fine.” Some fixes could be adding splashes of white, black, yellow, or red to the walls, as it is the school’s colors.

On another note, Aileen, a junior student, feels that it shouldn’t be called 100 Hall. She commented, “There’s no reason to change the name of the original hall.” It seems as though many people who attended Gloucester High and had classes in the former “A-Hall” share her sentiments. This leads to the question, is this defiance against unnecessary change or is it simply harder for students to adapt to the new name change? It is also possible the school’s administration had a reason behind the name change. Either way, the controversy is little to no issue as newer freshmen will come to know the hall by its new name.

In Conclusion, there are many new aspects to the latest changes of the 100-Hall and even more intricate opinions on them.

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