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Muppets From Space: A Review


The Muppet movies are all, without a doubt, timeless classics. One in particular that I have quite a fondness for, is Muppets from Space. This movie has moments of unmatched comedy and great heartfelt moments, alongside occasional sophisticated allusions. This specific movie follows Gonzo more so than your classic Kermit, who’s the main focus of most other Muppet films. This provides a nice change of pace from any other Muppet movie and supplies helpful insight into questions that any viewers may have had about Gonzo’s unique nature. 

The movie starts with a biblical allusion: Gonzo is rejected from Noah’s arc because he is unique. Gonzo expresses that there’s “only one of [him]” and Noah replies “Then you are doomed”. This scene is poignant but brilliantly shows a heavy comedic element quite early into the film. This is further perpetuated throughout the film with hilarious scenes and emotional moments involving found family and embracing uniqueness.

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About the Contributor
Lela Schlangen
Lela Schlangen, Co-Editor
My name is Lela Schlangen, I am 15 years old and a junior at Gloucester Highschool. I am taking journalism 1st semester and it’s my second time taking the course. I take this class because I have a passion for writing and editing, and journalism is a creative outlet for me to vent my interests or concerns. I’m going to make a difference by advocating for others and their rights.

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