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The Inspiring Story of Lindsey Bunting Eubanks; Former Valedictorian at GHS


December 1997, within the halls of GHS, there was an intense battle as two competitors thumb-wrestled for the title of valedictorian. Lindsey Bunting and Katie Archer had the same grade point average of 4.571 and shared the same classes. It was a tight race; however, in the end, Bunting pulled slightly ahead.

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Ms. Bunting, now Mrs. Bunting Eubanks, after the story of her battle inspired me. She is out of school now, but her “appetite for learning” has never ceased. “I never had the sense that I had to stop learning,” she stated. “I always felt that there was something new I could learn.” There are many aspects of her life where she has found this mindset to be valuable. 

In high school, Bunting was very social and loved to go to the mall with her friends instead of the “normal” parties. “I remember decorating a homecoming float and going to the homecoming dance,” she said. “I had a lot of favorite subjects, but I especially enjoyed French.” She also started a literary magazine with a couple of her friends, participated in multiple clubs, including Beta and Forensics, and was voted “most likely to become president.” When I asked Mrs. Bunting Eubanks why she had pursued becoming valedictorian, she replied, “I didn’t wake up one day and decide to become valedictorian. I did really well my freshman year and just kept doing well. I wanted to learn all that I could.” This positive attitude and independent-minded nature enabled her to become a lawyer, raise four children, volunteer for the nonprofit Reestablish Richmond, and even continue dancing, an activity she has loved since high school. 

Katie Archer, Bunting’s competition for the title of valedictorian, showed up freshman year of high school. The reality is that they never really were rivals. In fact, the two had become friends immediately when they met. “That thumb-wrestling picture was just us having fun,” Bunting Eubanks said. “We planned out our senior year so that we could take the same classes, and we even gave our graduation speech together.” Bunting and Archer ended up attending UVA together. Later, Mrs. Bunting Eubanks went to William and Mary law school to become a lawyer. “Law was fascinating,” she commented. “I loved learning about it.”

Mrs. Bunting Eubanks had some advice for students as they make their way through high school and college. “Make goals,” she told me. “Don’t make them too easy, but just out of reach. Break your goals down into parts, and go for it. In college, the best thing to do is take advantage of what it offers. Collaborate with diverse people.”

“It’s important to figure out who you are in high school,” she asserted. “Don’t listen to the haters, and remember that sometimes people’s perceptions of you aren’t reality. People have so much potential to do good. Don’t get discouraged.”


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Aubrey Simpson
Aubrey Simpson, Staff Reporter
My name is Aubrey Simpson. I am 15 years old and a freshman at GHS. After high school, I want to go into the medical field. This is my first year taking journalism; I took it because my dream is to make a difference in the world, starting with my school. I’ve always enjoyed and been talented at writing, so I thought journalism was the perfect outlet. Writing articles for the student newspaper makes me feel like I’m changing my school for the better.   

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