Ice Cream Right Down The Road: Shortlane

Elijah Autry, Staff Reporter

  Hey you! Do you like ice cream? Well if you do, we actually have a really good ice cream shop down the road from the high school on George Washington Memorial highway, they offer so many flavors ranging from Bubble Gum to Cherry Ice and even some of your classic favorites such as chocolate, strawberry, and french vanilla.

 I highly recommend going there if you are looking for somewhere delicious and quiet. I have been there a couple times an, every time I have been there It has been a great experience.

     Now let me give you a rundown on what you can expect from Short Lane. When you get to your destination, you will see a counter with a bunch of bowls of different types of ice cream and probably one or two workers there as well to take your order. If you do not know what to order, don´t fear! They have all the flavors on the wall, you can take a look at the display in the image above. Seating is pretty good too, they have downstairs seating which consists of tables and booths, they also have the upstairs seating which consists of a couple round tables and we can’t forget the classic old outdoor seating! They have a lot of benches outside, so you can enjoy the nice spring weather. Short Lane in my opinion is the best ice cream place in Gloucester, you should go and check it out sometime! It is a good place for meetups with friends or date nights with your partner and maybe just some alone time to take a moment and appreciate the life you have been given.