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What is Love


When people think of love, what do they think of? Some people, when they think of love, think about the love portrayed in Disney romances. Some believe in love at first sight. Some say you will know when you meet the one. Some also say over time, they would grow together to fall in love. Love can be such a beautiful thing or such an awful thing. But what is love? Why do we feel love? How do people know they’re in love?

When asked, “ What is your idea of love?” A staff member said you’ll just know when you can just be yourself around them. They will always pick you no matter what; they will love you for all your flaws at your worst times or your best. If it is love they both will grow together and be stronger together. She did say Disney messed up her idea of love when she was in high school. Disney did show a very unrealistic way of love, like throwing rocks at someone’s window and asking them to go to prom with them. Not saying that can’t happen, but if you think about it very unlikely to happen.

When asked the same question different answers came to be. Love has to start with a friendship a strong bond between two people. But they were also there to care for them, and wanting to be around them. Love for them is more say mental and emotional than physical. You can like someone physically but they can be so bad for your mental and emotional health. How can you be in love with someone you can’t stand; that isn’t and will never be love. Without a friendship and without not knowing who they are or how they act as a person; how can that be love if there is no connection? Love can be a powerful thing but for love to work, there needs to be a connection. That feeling when you both know this is who they want for the rest of their lives with that one person. Even with ups and downs together, that will only strengthen the love.

Everyone will have different points of view on love. Is love what you see in movies and TV shows real love? does it work in the real world? But people can be dishonest to their lovers and cheat and leave them for someone else or they just fall out of love. Some people only think real love comes from a mom and her children. When a woman has a child that love can not be explained; that love will never die for her child. The mother will have a place in that child’s heart no matter what. Having a loving family can help children with so much, and they also need love. Love can make or break lives, and a mother’s love even a father’s love can change their child for the better. This is why love is such a powerful thing; giving someone love and showing that you care will change and save people’s lives.

When people are in love or have love for someone they will be protective. This interviewer said there are different types of love. The three types of love to them are patience and child, romantic, and friendship. Patent and child love you’ll feel that kind of love if you have for a child of your own. That love will always be unconditional. Everyone who has a parent will feel their unconditional love no matter what their children do. They could never stop loving their child. Unlike Romantic love, it can stop at any point in time. Romantic love is between two people who want to be in a relationship together. But the thing about this love can make or break someone. Some can say this kind of love is complicated in a sense. In romantic love, there has to be a connection between both parties. But friendship love is a whole different kind of love that sometimes lasts longer than real relationships, but like everything else, these also can end. Having a friend you can be yourself around and that you can trust more than anything. That is a real friendship that you shouldn’t let go. These can ruin lives and can also just hurt people as well. Because sometimes they are all that people have, and if they lose them they might feel like they are losing a part of themself. But losing anyone can feel like that. These all are very different types of love that are for different kinds of people.

Maybe love is just an obsessive-compulsive behavior that has to be accepted by society. Love could just be what society puts in us, it may not be real it could just be a whole mindset. Who set the standards for love? Why is love a thing? People in a society make the idea of love it is just a social construct that changes the reality of the world. But love is also how someone grows up if someone grows up in a place where their presents are fighting. They may think about what love is, or if someone grows up in a loving home they might think this is how love is supposed to be. Everyone has different ideas a different points of view about it. Love starts with family and with the people you put yourself around. But society messes up love and how people see love. But at one point everyone has been confused about what is love, and everyone has wanted love and to be loved. Love is such important to people because of what society has made it.

What is the science behind love? When research was done about the “real meaning of love,” an article by Northwestern Medicine stated, “Love happens less in the heart and more in the brain, where hormonal releases and brain chemicals are triggered.” When you have a good healthy relationship it tells your brain this is a good expiration and that you want to keep wanting more love; this also goes for bad expirations to. This may be some reason why people may have trust issues, they don’t wanna be in love, or they try to avoid it at all costs. Having a bad experience with love can and will make others scared of love or think there is just no hope for love. Love can be a big meatal part of people. But a big part of love is how you treat others, you can’t sit here and treat someone badly and then want them to still love you. That’s not how love works. There will always be hope though and with all the bad experiences there will be good ones as well. When people have a good experience with love they may be a person that only wants to show love. Sometimes these people are the happiest and only want to make others happy, and just want to share and spread love to everyone.

Love is a beautiful thing but also a scary thing. But there will always be someone someday that will love you. No matter if it’s a friend, family member, and spouse. Everyone wants love and some may need love. People don’t understand love can change a person for better or worse. Just all depends on who you pick to be around and who stays in your life. The idea of love will be different for everyone, but love is still a real thing. Love makes and breaks people and the people around them. Love is powerful and we as people need to understand that and work together to help us grow.

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Brianna Clemmons
My name is Brianna but I go by Bri and I'm a student at Gloucester High school. I took Journalism because I love to write and talk to others and get their input. I am in high school. I'm in 11th grade and I live in Gloucester. The difference I'm going to make is I'm trying to bring awareness to anyone that needs it.

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