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Grace Johnson

Grace Johnson, Staff Reporter

Hello, I'm Grace Johnson. I'm the one who wears all the rainbows that you might see in the halls. I use any pronouns and I'm a freshman this year. I'm 14 but turning 15 in October. I grew up with my dad in the military but I waslucky enough that I didn't need to move a lot, so far I've lived in Delaware, Pennsylvania and South Carolina. I moved to Virginia in September of 2017 but I've moved from Yorktown to Gloucester pre Covid in 2020 and havebeen living here for 2 years. I enjoy doing art, making buttons and earrings, and talking or texting with my friends long and short distance. I was told that Journalism ran in the newspaper and I thought that I would give it a try.I have a younger sister who is very much not like me. I like reading comic books, graphic novels, and manga, and my favorite thing I've read so far though has to be Heartstopper. :)

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