SCA Gives Students A Voice


Digitally created by Grace Johnson

Student Council Association at GHS

Grace Johnson, Staff Reporter

You’ve probably heard all about the SCA since the beginning of this school year, but what is the SCA and what does it do for the school and the students attending it? The SCA is a student body government that organizes fundraisers, homecoming, Motivation Monday, and many more things that include something for the students and staff to make their high school years better and more memorable. 

The people that have or are running for spots for the SCA have a responsibility, but it depends on the class level that they are in and representing. It’s not like seniors have more responsibilities than freshmen, but it’s more that they are split up depending on the grade representation. Juniors and sophomores organize prom, seniors organize graduation, and freshmen usually  stick with organizing fundraisers and homecoming.

Usually whatever you do in high school follows you into college if you go, so for students that are a part of the SCA, what role they played and what they have done for the school will be on their college resume, but that’s only if they wanted to go to college. Being a part of the SCA also gives students skills that can be useful in their adult life like leadership, planning, responsibility, and a sense of community. There really isn’t anything that SCA members will have to give up, except for their own time. 

Running for and being a part of the SCA seems that it’s more of a popularity contest, but we interviewed Mrs. Sturtz, who is holding the election and will be assisting members of the SCA on decision making, and got her opinion on this. Mrs. Sturtz had said, “Most of the time its people that want to do it run for it but sometimes there are people that run because they think it’s funny to run for a position or for popularity.” This shows that there are people that want to put in the effort to start or make a change in the school and make high school better.

Following up on the fact we interviewed Mrs. Sturtz, we asked if there was anything that the students of Gloucester High School should know about the SCA. The main thing is to get involved, not saying to run for a spot. You don’t need to run for SCA for your voice to be heard, but you do however need to get involved. Things like following up on what the SCA  is doing, suggesting things to members of the SCA, finding out the people that’s a representative for you, and attending meetings that allow students to attend that aren’t part of the SCA.