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Teacher Impact

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Have you ever had a teacher leave such an impact in your life that you still remember it? By asking students and teachers, 10 out of 12 of them said they have had a teacher change their life, point of view or the way they do something to this day. The most important way to connect and have a good environment is mostly based on the way the teacher acts and goes about the situations that are given.

There is no doubt that schools today have issues, whether it be the safety or problems with the students and staff. So, many have looked into ways to fix these issues such as a Counseling Psychology and Special Education Department explains that applied behavior analysis is focused on fixing the problem context, not the children themselves. In this same study, they emphasized that the approach is also effective for students with behavioral problems in general education classes. Teachers who help students improve non-cognitive skills such as self-regulation raise their grades and self-esteem, making the overall bond and relationship with the teacher to their students more positive and healthy. 

The average person is less likely to listen to others when mad or sad. If a student dislikes a teacher, they are not going to be as likely to listen to the teacher or obtain what is being taught. Students are less likely to show their interest to learn in school if the teacher has a negative attitude. Consequently, students’ motivation level goes down, and they feel demotivated. Taking this into account, except that when teachers negatively comment and show no interest in students or lack enthusiasm, the student will be more likely to be denotative with what they are learning. 

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Anna Johnson
Anna Johnson, Staff Reporter
Annaleigh Johnson, 15: I would love to become a social worker or firefight for the army.  I go to Gloucester County High School. I am taking it for the first time in the first semester. I am taking this class because I have always loved to write, be right on top of topics, and talk. I believe I can make a difference by sharing my views and bringing light to topics that are often looked at and not talked enough about.

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