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Dukes Dispatch

Staff Reporter, Nikola Janjetovic, Sophomore

Nikola Janjetovic, Staff Reporter

Nikola Janjetovic, 15 (as of writing, 16 November 15th.), Sophomore. I’m a student first, but I make money outside of school whenever I’m free. I took journalism because everything else sounded lame. I’ve been referred to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), so when I’m out of school if I have no other ideas I’ll go find something to do there. I used to live in Detroit but moved to Newport News as a child. I went to Hidenwood Elementary, meeting people who I’m still friends with to this day. I went to Gildersleeve Middle School, reinforcing these friendships. I was meant to go to Menchville, but fate struck and I moved to my dad's in the Point. It’s my second year here at Gloucester. It’s my second year in Gloucester as a sophomore, my first semester in journalism, and the first time I’ve ever taken a journalism class. I took the class because it was one of the last options that seemed even somewhat interesting. I can report on the inner workings of the Sophomore group and how they impact the school and Gloucester as a whole.

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