2nd & Charles Bookstore Review

Gian Valentin-Fontanez, Writer

Have you ever found yourself getting tired of the same old Barnes & Nobles every single day? Have you maybe been looking for rare books or items? Do you have an everlasting hunger for manga, that will never be fulfilled and eventually, lead to financial struggles and even personal bankruptcy? 2nd & Charles is definitely the paradise for you, and your book (well everything really) shopping needs.

See, it’s not just a bookstore, they have manga, comic books, action figures, vinyl records, CD’s, collectibles, guitars, board games, and almost anything a nerd, bookworm or music lover can think of. All for a pretty fair price compared to what you would find online or in big box stores like Barnes & Noble.

Although the vinyl records aren’t in the best shape, and some of the rare books are at a questionable price, it’s hard to find anywhere else that has so many options all in one place. One of the cool things about 2nd & Charles is that not only can you buy things from them, you can also sell them your junk that you don’t want anymore. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Overall I give 2nd & Charles a 9/10.

The store is located in Newport News at 12747 Jefferson Avenue, Newport News, VA, phone number 757-874-2618.