Food Reviews | Panda Chinese

Gian Valentin-Fontanez, Section Editor

Now I know what you’re thinking and, no, Panda Chinese restaurant isn’t affiliated with Panda Express nor is it a big place so don’t go looking for a big walk-in restaurant. It’s a very small kiosk-like place but don’t let that stop you from visiting! Panda Chinese has some of the best orange chicken I have ever tasted and definitely beats Panda Express hands down.

Panda Chinese is located in Yorktown, Virginia, near the Yorkshire Downs Shopping Center. You can order online, or in person.

They have an incredible selection of chicken and beef dishes, lo mein, chow mein and much more. Main dishes are reasonably priced with the most expensive item on the menu being only $12.99. Service is always very quick, regardless if they’re busy, taking 25 minutes or less from the time you place your order to picking it up. With “out of this world” food and fast service I rate Panda Chinese a solid 8/10.

Panda Chinese: 3301 Hampton Highway, Yorktown, VA, 757-865-2300.