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Nacho Libre: A Film Analysis


The movie “Nacho Libre” starring Jack Black is a very interesting film. The first scene opens up to young Ignacio, our main character, stringing together his wrestling costume. Ignacio lives in the Oaxaca monastery orphanage as the cook and an orphan. The nuns catch him sleeping on top of a grave with his costume on, and the nuns make sure to strip him of his costume, spray him down, and send him back inside the church. Once there, Ignacio starts making a delicious meal with a coconut, some sauce, and a pot of water.

After Ignacio makes his abominable meal, it shows him older and still working at the church as an adult. One day, Ignacio goes to grab some chips for the orphans, “the lord’s chips” and once Ignacio grabs the chips a man attacks him. The man who attacks Ignacio is Steven, a homeless man. Ignacio sees Stevens’ skill whilst fighting him for the chips, and Steven escapes with the chips. Later, Ignacio comes back and tricks Steven into grabbing some food, and Ignacio convinces Steven to join him so, they can start their wrestling career together.

Soon after Steven is recruited, the both of them compete in a wrestling match together and though they lose, they still get some money. They get some money and will continue to do so if they keep losing since the Audience loves them so much. Ignacio does not want to lose though, he wants to win. So he and Steven ball out and go buy boots, food, make costumes, buy elote, they get Steven a makeover, and basically buy and do anything they want. Once everything is bought and done for, they start getting back in the ring. They fight and fight and fight, and they continue to lose. The luchador Ramses is throwing a party now, but they aren’t invited, so they sneak in. The party ends, and they go home, but the next morning, he gets exposed, and the church finds out he is a wrestler.

Ignacio leaves to fight in a wrestling tournament but comes back after a great fight, but he still gets defeated. He comes back to the church to have all of his things gone and he is banished from the church. Ignacio goes to live on his own, but before he leaves, Chancho (an orphan boy) gives Ignacio his prized machete, and then he leaves. Steven finds Ignacio just outside of town and tells him that they can fight Ramses. After this, Ignacio and Steven head to the ring and start getting ready to fight. After a self-assuring talk and some preparations, they head to the ring, as does Ramses.

The fight is intense, but luckily Ignacio spots the sister Encarnacion and orphans who’ve come in support of Ignacio. Once Ignacio spots them, he is unstoppable. He and Steven take down Ramses and go home with the win. After the fight, Ignacio uses his winnings to support the orphans and take them around town. Ignacio buys a bus as well so he can take the orphans, Steven and sister Incarnacion anywhere they want to go. The movie ends with Ignacio, Steven, sister Encarnacion, and all the orphans at the Monte Albán located in Oaxaca, Mexico. Ignacio shows up one more time, Beaming with pride, and then it cuts to the credits.

Nacho Libre is a film starring Jack Black made in 2006. The budget for Nacho Libre was $35 million, and it made $99.3 million at the box office. Nacho Libre is an inspirational story about a monk turn luchador by night in order to raise money for the church that he and the orphans live in, while achieving his dreams.

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