October’s Students of the Month Recognized for Outstanding Behavior


Grace Mares

Students of the Month for October 2022

Staff Reporter, Staff Reporter

Cameron Ashley, 12th Grade – Cameron is an exemplar of the Duke Way: Respectful, Responsible, and Engaged. She is a quieter student, but once you get to know her, she is quick to participate in group activities and class discussions, and always turns in outstanding assignments. Her presence always brightens up our classroom. (Grace Mares)
Kareena Ferguson, 12th Grade – Kareena is a teacher’s dream student to have in class – she is always on task, working, and doing! She is a thoughtful, and thinking, person. She doesn’t complain, she just gets down to business and gets done with what needs doing. She works well with others, whether of her choosing, or not. She asks for help respectfully when needed and always takes responsibility for her work and learning. She is a soft-spoken and mature presence in the classroom. (Grace Mares)
Kamila Miles, 12th Grade – Kamila goes above and beyond in everything she is involved in. She exceeds expectations and completes fantastic work in every class I have taught her in. She is also a very helpful to fellow classmates and teammates. She is always engaged in classroom discussions and helps liven up the room and get other students talking and involved. (Grace Mares)
Ariana Gray, 11th Grade – Arianna puts forth effort on all her assignments. She is engaged in the lessons and demonstrates responsibility in completing them in a timely manner. She is helpful to her peers and willing to share her notes when students/co-teacher fall behind. She is respectful to her classmates and the teachers. (Grace Mares)
Trenton Halterman, 11th Grade -Trenton consistently shows that he is respectful, responsible and engaged. He is a hard worker who continually tries to do his best. He is an asset to his class. (Grace Mares)
Declyn Marshfield, 10th Grade – Declyn is a hard worker academically and athletically. He leads by example: respectful in class, displays responsible behaviors inside and outside the classroom, engages in all activities during class and currently plays football for GHS. Declyn is under concussion protocol, so he is missing some days but seems to be working hard to catch up with his missing assignments. (Grace Mares)
Brylee Bennet, 9th Grade – She is an exemplar student. She is respectful towards the school staff and her peers. She does all her work with excellence. She is quiet but her participation in class is impeccable. She follows directions to the T. She pays attention to details during lessons. I know she represents the values of what a Gloucester Duke should be. (Grace Mares)
Jacob Garret, 10th Grade – Jacob continually stays after class is dismissed and takes a few moments before going to his lunch to tidy up the room. He pushes his classmates’ chairs in, picks up trash off the floor, and cleans desks among many things. This shows him going above and beyond with being respectful of the classroom and the teacher as well as being responsible. He is always engaged in learning in the classroom. (Stock Image)
Caleb Mayes, 9th Grade – Caleb purchased a ticket for the homecoming football game to pay it forward. He allowed the adults to pick the student. Caleb wasn’t able to attend the game, but he wanted someone else to. This was the sweetest thing! (Stock Image)