Meet the Captains of the GHS Varsity Field Hockey Team


Lucy Alexander

GHS Field Hockey Captains from left to right; Channy Johnson, Ainslee Brown, Kareena Fergunson

Lucy Alexander, Staff Reporter

Channy Johnson, Ainslee Brown, and Kareena Fergunson, Co-Captains of the GHS Varsity Field Hockey, learn to take control, and help push the team to come together. Johnson, a high center mid who runs the whole field, holds up the ball and looks to intercept and zonally mark the center of the pitch to prevent opposition breakaways. Brown,  a low center mid, helps block the goal, and keep the ball from going into the circle of the goal, and Fergunson is the goalie who stops any field hockey ball from making a point against the team. Both Johnson & Brown have been playing field hockey for 11 years, while Fergunson has been playing for 5 years. Brown has been motivating herself through the season, saying,  “ my inspiration was winning the state ring.” Johnson is pushing herself through the season, and is excited to start her next chapter in college field hockey at Saint Joseph’s University. Fergunson’s inspiration was passing Cox High School through ranking. All three girls are seniors at Gloucester High School, and want to make their last year count. The varsity team has a winning record this year with 12 wins and 9 loses. Do they believe the team will make it to Regionals? Yes, they say if they continue winning their next four games for the season they will make it to regionals. The girls say they have all improved as a team and as individuals throughout the season. They work together, and work as a team. Brown says, “The visions of the field, and the fundamentals in more advanced play” is how they have improved as well as individuals. This year’s field hockey team came out the of the gate young, but slowly worked as a team and began to have amazing chemistry. Talking to the coach, Joe Dougherty, “It’s hard to compare this year’s team to last year’s. I wait to see how far they come in the end.” There are about 24 girls on the Varsity Field Hockey team. To overcome injuries, they always will have someone to fill in while a teammate is recovering. Field hockey comes with a lot of pride and dedication. To better the team Coach says, “I have adjusted my expectations based on the chemistry, and to work on teamwork to better myself as a coach and for the team.” Let’s go support our Gloucester High School Field Hockey team, and go cheer them on to victory. Go Dukes!