Top 5 NFL Offseason Changes


Reuters Photo

Russell Wilson with the Denver Broncos

Grace Mares, Staff Reporter

1. Russell Wilson traded from Seahawks to Broncos

-Wilson, a former third round pick of the Seahawks, and starter for ten seasons, was traded this Spring to the Denver Broncos for a package involving multiple first round picks and players. One of Wilson’s former Seattle teammates, receiver Tyler Lockette, said that the Seahawks recognized multiple hand signals used by Wilson in Wilson and the Broncos’ return to Seattle.

2. Tom Brady unretires

-On February 1st of 2022, Tom Brady announced that after 22 seasons of playing in the NFL he was going to retire. Just 40 days later he announced his decision to unretire after stating he was going through a “physical, mental, and emotional challenge”

3. Carson Wentz traded to Commanders

-After being the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts last season; Carson Wentz was traded to the Washington Commanders. Taylor Heinicke, the quarterback from last season, is still a quarterback for the Commanders; just not the main QB.

4. Matt Ryan traded to Colts

-After playing for the Atlanta Falcons for 14 seasons, Matt Ryan was a third round pick to be traded to the Indianapolis Colts. Matt Ryan being moved to quarterback, knocking Nick Foles to backup QB.

5. Aaron Rogers extended

-Aaron Rogers has been a part of the Green Bay Packers for 17 seasons. He has only played for the Packers and is being extended another 3 years on  a $150 million deal.