Senior Signings: Fall 2022

Mariah Long, Photographer & Staff Reporter

The signing that we had here on April 20th was for our students to make a commitment to the school that they were going to participate in sports for. We had students sign for all kinds of sports. From Football to field hockey, I am going to go through the list of schools that some of the students signed to and I am going to give some of the perks that come with that school.

First up is Christopher Newport University (CNU). We had three students sign to CNU for sports. We had Taylor Hawkey sign for cheerleading. Then we had Adam Eckstein sign for football. And last but not least, we had Aj Goller sign for boys soccer. They will both be participating in the tryouts that CNU is holding. The requirements for trying out for cheer are: you must be able to throw a back handspring with a back tuck. If you don’t have that you need to at least have a standing back tuck. Those are just a few of the things that you need before you decide to try out here. Now, moving onto football. CNU has a very good football program. Five of CNUs football students were honored at the Virginia Sports Information Directors. This past year CNU won 5 games they played. All of the scores ranging from Lower twenties to the high thirties. Good luck to all of you that will be trying out for the teams at CNU. We know you will do great.

We had two students join Converse college for field hockey. Aubree Dorsey and Kailee Morris. The field hockey team has been recognized for their great work in the classroom. This fall that has just passed the team has posted a 3.28 team GPA. Earlier that semester the team got recognized for having 21 national academic squad members. They also had six players earn Scholars of Distinction honor.

The next school we have is Longwood University where Alexis Adams will be attending. Three of the students were represented on the 2021 VaSID All-State University list. This was after a record breaking fall season. These two schools are located in two different states. Converse College is located in South Carolina. While Longwood University is located here in Virginia.

Next is Cooner Brooks attending Roanoke College for boys volleyball. Roanoke College will become the 10th member of the Continental Volleyball Conference at the beginning of the 2022-23 academic year. Roanoke is a NCAA Division III institution. In July 2021, they announced they would be adding men’s volleyball as a school-sponsored sport bringing their total athletic programs to 23. Roanoke is the first school to be accepted into the CVC since 2019. This is a very exciting accomplishment for Roanoke College.

These are only some of the students that will be trying out for these sports during the fall. We also have students attending schools for sports that will be happening in the winter and in the spring. All of these students have made great decisions to go to these schools. They also will do a great job in these schools. Adding sports to their lives will show how much more committed they are to their schools. I wish all of you luck, and I know you will do just fine when time comes.