Student of the Month: January

Mariah Long, Photographer & Staff Reporter

Gloucester has many exceptional students. However, we have some who go above and beyond our standards. Gloucester High School honors these students each month.  The students of the month for January are: Freshmen, Emma Bishop and Qyre Rhodes; Sophomores, Kearney Palas and Victoria Puente Rosario; Juniors, Arenessa Gray and Kailey Roark; and Seniors Jaeda Torres and Emily Belvin. Unfortunately, we were not able to get a chance to talk to all the students, but we still believe they should be recognized. So, I went to some of the students and asked them for some advice that they think would be helpful to other students.

First, I asked the freshmen for some advice they would like to give to other students. Here were their responses.
Emma Bishop said “Do your work and stuff make list.” That really helps her in school. She also said “Don’t be lazy.”
Next up is Qyre Rhodes, who is also a freshmen, who gave the advice to “Work hard you can accomplish anything.” As well as “be respectful and you will get to where you need to go.” Congratulations to Qyre and Emma for being the two freshmen who got student of the month. Keep doing what you’re doing.

After the freshmen, we went to the sophomores and asked what they would like to tell others to help them do well in school. Here is what they said.
Kearney Palas responded by saying “Try not to procrastinate and do your work like right after you get home from school or sports or whatever else you do.” As well as, “Try to pay attention in class.”
After asking Kearney for her advice, we went to Victoria Puente Rosario and asked her for some things that she would like to say. Her quotes were, “that effort and hard work pays off in the long run.” As well as “Learning to manage your time is one of the keys to success.” These are two very excellent students in our school.

Following the sophomores were the juniors. We asked them the same questions as the freshmen and sophomores.
Kailey Roark said “Never give up.” She also told us to “Follow your dreams.”
Next, Arenessa Gray stated that you should “treat people with kindness.” She also agreed with Kailey that you should always follow your dreams.

Unfortunately, I was not able to interview the two seniors Jaeda Torres and Emily Belvin. However, they should still be recognized. So, congratulations once again to the students of the month for January. You guys are doing a great job and keep doing what you are doing. I am very excited to see the next group of amazing kids that are going to get the student of the month next.