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Attack on Titan Ending Review

Attack on Titan is an anime that started on April 7th, 2013, and ended on November 5th, 2023 with a heavily controversial ending. The ending has gotten mixed reviews but in my personal opinion, it was a ‘’deus ex machina’’ ending. The show ends with the main character before death suddenly being in love with the female lead Mikasa. This is one of my biggest gripes with the ending. Eren spent the whole show rejecting her and actively saying he only saw her as a sister to being madly in love out of nowhere. There were no hints dropped to show that Eren’s feelings had changed whatsoever. Another big issue with the ending in my opinion is how after the whole show chasing after Eren and saying she will never move on; Mikasa marries Jean whom she had little screen time with and consistently rejected. They were never shown having any romantic scenes but at the end, they are married- it simply makes no sense. Another problem is that Mikasa kills Eren when she has sworn to stand by him and wants to save him. The ending could have been a lot better and more planned out, and I wish they hadn’t just pulled a bunch of random stuff out.

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Kassidy Digmon
Kassidy Digmon, Sections Editor
My name is Kassidy Digmon. I am 17 and a Junior. This is my third year taking journalism. I am planning on going to college for psychology after graduating. I recommend taking this class.

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